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Use QR Codes to Help Sellers, Not Just Customers


If you have a consumer product and you rely on retailers, stores, groceries and other retail outlets to sell them for you, then you should always use a QR code to help them along.

For example, you could put a QR code on your products that would link sellers and customers to that particular product’s fact sheet, features, specifications and other information. This is especially useful if you have a product that falls under the tech, gadget and pharmaceutical categories.

Sellers could scan these QR codes to help them gain insights on how to sell your products.

This was the lesson that Doctor’s Best learned from their QR code campaign.

Doctor’s Best is a company that manufactures vitamins and other supplements. Last in 2012, they put up QR codes on their product packaging. These QR codes lead scanners to that supplements’ fact sheet.

In effect, the QR codes held more information than what could be found on the products’ labels.

So a seller could scan the QR codes, learn about the supplement and suggest it to their customers. It would also be helpful if their customers have some questions that cannot be answered by the information found on the label.

Doctor’s Best says that increasing their sales is not their main reason for using QR codes, however. Instead, they wanted to educated their customers, as well as become more transparent with what their supplements can or cannot do.

So there it goes. If you want to sell more of your products, you must be sure that your customers know how they work and what is in them. But more than these, you should be able to educate sales staff about your products. This is the only way that they could give accurate advice to end users.

So the next time you criticize QR codes for doing nothing but waste people’s time, think about how it could help in educating people as well as getting all the information you need in order to decide whether or not to patronize a particular product or not.

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