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University of Arkansas Prints QR Codes In Magazine


Yet, another school takes QR Codes seriously. University of Arkansas is now part of a growing number of schools, academic bodies, universities and colleges that has gone mobile.

Now, students of the University using smart phones (Blackberry, iPhone and other types of android phone) can access relevant videos and slide shows by merely scanning a QR Code. From now on, students will see a curious black and white square on the articles and some other parts of the magazine (we do not have physical possession of a copy of the magazine, so, unsure about where else the codes are appearing). QR Code stands for quick response code. The technology has been in use in Japan and some parts of Asia for a decade now and it is only now that the technology is hitting western shores. Although slow in catching on, usage is spreading like wild fire over here!

The editor of the magazine said that this is the first time that the school’s magazine is exploring technology and is happy that students can get direct links to online multimedia content instantly and on-the-go.

In the issue in which QR Code made its first appearance, it featured some pretty interesting content – Un-Natural Histories, Paintings of invasive species’. Interested students can choose to take the experience a little deeper by viewing a video related to the article.

Professors who are teaching at the university can also share pictures, videos that they have created and also slide shows that they wish to share with everyone else.

QR Codes really DO bring people together as students chat and interact with each other online, via their mobile phones. By interacting with each other, it enables intellectual discussions about topics concerned and this, in more ways than one, enhances one’s learning experience.

Learning dry stuff (well, it could be interesting depending on your preferences, of course) becomes more interesting when you get to see videos, go through slide shows, look at pictures through their mobile phones. In fact, with such connectivity, their immediate questions and concerns can be addressed by other students and professors too.

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