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Tyro Band Markets Materials With QR Code


QR Codes has been used to promote movies, albums, concerts and also many other types of events in the United States. It did NOT start here, though. You see, QR Codes was created in and has been popularly been made use of in Japan for more than a decade. Yes, it has been a decade since the Japanese started using it and it took THAT long to reach the rest of the world. But thankfully, we are now more open about the idea of QR Codes.

We heard that a European band, Tyro, is currently actively promoting their materials and creations posted up on their MySpace profile with QR Codes.

Not only will QR Code generate more interest in the band’s songs but when used the right way, QR Codes can bring in more gigs, generate more sales and improve the band’s image on an international stage. Unlike back in the old days, promotion is usually limited to within the city or town or country, online and mobile promotion can spread the message across the world like wild fire in a matter of months! In fact, many of our current pop stars got their start online via their MySpace profile pages, Facebook or other online social networking media sites.

You have a website or blog? Promote it with a QR Code so that fans of yours can access any information regardless of where they are – even when they are stuck in the gruelling traffic in another part of the world!

The band’s main marketing plan involves mostly online and mobile marketing and since that is the case, you can see why it was easy for them to decide to use QR Codes as their next level of marketing. They use the QR Codes on t-shirts, banners, posted and handouts which tells their fans about their next gig and new songs. As you can see, their marketing tactic is paying off and they’re really creating quite a buzz online and offline.

One might argue that they’re limiting the potential of their gameplan because not everyone has a QR Code reader on their phone and the older generation might find it too much hassle to download the reader just to see the stuff that they are promoting. But new phone models are now pre-loaded with QR Code readers, hence, when you get a new phone, whether you like it or not, you are going to have a QR Code ready to be used.

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