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Two Unique Uses for QR Codes


QR codes are very flexible. If you think that they are only good for marketing, then think again. QR codes have invaded just about every aspect of our lives, showing up at the most unlikely places and used for every reason possible. In fact, the only thing that limits QR codes is the user’s imagination.

Indeed, there are now a lot of ways to use QR codes. These are two recent and unique examples:

In Indiana, Potential Jurors Are to Be Aided by QR Codes

The Allen County Superior Court is all set to try using QR codes that would allow potential jurors to communicate with the courts.

In June 2012, prospective jurors started getting postcard notifications that included a Web site URL as well as a telephone number that they could call in order to complete a questionnaire that would allow the courts to determine whether these people would be able to serve as jurors. Then the County also allowed jurors to communicate with the courts using SMS messages.

Now, they are using QR codes for the same purpose.

This is definitely a first for Indiana, and this is the first time that the courts are using QR codes in any way.

In New Zealand, QR Codes Make Books Come Alive

When Tommy Wilson published his book, T is for Tauranga, it was certainly a first in New Zealand. The book contained QR codes that linked to relevant Web sites that contained more information about the topics in the book, which was about places and things in Tauranga, NZ.

Now two teachers from Omanu School copied the idea for their own book, O is for Omanu. Hannah Mortimore and Jacqui van der Beek have also used QR codes for their books that would educate their students more about Omanu. It also contains QR codes that would show readers pictures of the children’s works, poetry and arts.

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