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Two Reasons Why You Should Have QR Codes for Websites



It may seem silly to have a QR code on your website, blog posts, Facebook profile or Twitter account.  Most people say that you’re already online on a desktop, so why do you need to put a QR code on these pages?

But still, it helps to have a QR code on all your online pages.  Why?  Here are some reasons.

1. To make it easier to share.  Just think of your blog’s most popular post.  For instance, a teacher comes to your site and reads your blog post on QR codes and its uses in education.  She finds it interesting enough to print out and makes a copy for each of her students.  The printed blog post has your QR code on it.

When the students see the code and some simple instructions on what to do with it, they can scan the code and find your blog or your site.  It’s a two-way advantage:  they get to learn more about something they care about and you get to have more visitors.

2. Make it easier for people to be more mobile.  Have you ever have one of those moments when you stumble upon a pretty interesting article and you just need to hurry for work?  Or perhaps you found an interesting site that you would want to look at while commuting?  Or what about overly lengthy blog posts about a very interesting topic that you think would be worth reading while waiting for a friend in a coffee shop?  

These are just some instances when you would appreciate having a QR code on the site you are visiting.  You don’t need to tap a whole bunch of characters into your smartphone and eventually getting something wrong.  All you have to do is to snap the QR code and bookmark the page for later reading.

With more and more people who are on-the-go, it makes sense to make it easier for them to take your content and make it available to them while they are out of home.  QR codes are free to create and easy to share and display, what’s keeping you from adding value and convenience to your pages?

Have you put QR codes on your websites before?  Why did you do it?  Share it with us in the comments!


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