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Two Camera Apps You’d Love


You may love your phone’s built-in camera app, but here are two apps that you may want to download in order to make it easier for you to snap the perfect photo with your smartphone or mobile device.

1. Snapchat

With all the flak that Instagram got when it tried to change its terms so that it could sell its users’ photos without paying them and without their permission, you would want to be on Snapchat.

Snapchat allows you to send a photo to your friends, and then delete the same photo in ten seconds. In short, it shares a temporary photograph that self-destructs after your friends see it.

That is a great way to send silly photos that you could make sure no one will be able to keep a copy of. Perfect for those kind of photos that captured you cross-eyed. Or (gasp!) naked. snapchat

Doesn’t make sense? Well, you have to use it to see for yourself. We assure you that even if you are not used to the idea of having your picture up for only less than 10 seconds because you have been so used to Instagram acting like an online gallery of your works, this app is worth the download.

In fact, Facebook came up with a very bad duplicate of this app. Facebook called it Poke. Do not download that, though, because that one is horrible!

2. Blink

Have you ever tried taking a photo of a moving object and when you look at it, it just appears wrong? But you know that the next few frames would have been perfect if you just took it a little later or sooner than you had?

If so, then you will love Blink. Blink works like the burst mode of your DSLR camera in that it allows you to take a series of pictures in rapid succession. It then asks you to choose the perfect picture.

What’s more, the app uses Microsoft technology to minimize the effects of camera shake.

This one is available on Windows Phones only though. blink

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