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Twitter’s Latest Update Brings Back Original Coolness


All this while, smartphone Twitter users have been using third-party ad-supported apps to tweet and update statuses across multiple platforms. For instance, Tweetcaster, Tweetdeck and Ubersocial are all very popular third-party apps that smartphone users use to access and update their accounts. But it is only a matter of time that Twitter step the game up, the same way Facebook did, although people continue to access their Facebook using the abovementioned third-party apps as well but compared to Twitter, Facebook’s team has been winning the ‘stay updated’ game…but Twitter plays it safe the way it always does, anyway.

It was announced recently that Twitter is finally in the game when they released a new update for iPhone and Android. Not a surprise but it is kind of like a ‘finally?’ reaction from smartphone users.

Along with the update came expanded tweets, content previews, ability to instantly view images and videos attached to the tweets and also smartphone users can now view links to partner sites. I am not sure what the last part meant so, if you know what that means, please leave a comment at the end of this article.

Still, reps from Twitter are saying that their fans should be patient with the roll out of plans because they are slowly rolling out their plans gradually. Apparently, the update for iPhone is receiving a little bit more love from Twitter when compared to Android. But for both the apps, the feature seems to be the ability to tap the avatars of each user accounts and be taken directly to the profile page of the account users. The reps also reported an improvement to the autocomplete feature…which is a much welcomed change, to be honest.

An earlier update to the app found Twitter users a little confused with the fact that some of the initial coolness of Twitter was left out but Dick Costolo was quick to assure people that the ‘coolness’ has returned with the most recent update. For iPhone users, you can expect a ‘richer experience’ with the ability to see highlights for specific events and pictures attached to the event and tweet. Reports also came in about a refreshing change to the search feature on Twitter and the Discover tool in the app.

Twitter’s updates may be far and few in between but I must say that it is always fabulous news whenever there is one. Can’t wait to give it a ride.

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