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Most of us use Twitter for both personal and professional reasons. Obviously, for businesses, we are using it to connect to our customers via the internet and also to hopefully bring in more business and find new customers, partners and affiliates to work with. For those of us who are using Twitter for personal reasons, most of the time, we are using it as a sounding board or as one of the means of connecting to other people of like mind. Either way, it can have a very positive effect on our everyday lives.

Let’s not delve into Facebook for now because Facebook is, personally speaking, a little bit more complex (please feel free to disagree with me if you feel that Facebook provides a better platform on both fronts) but for Twitter, it is simply more open.

I have some reviews about Android (it works for iOS too because the apps are available from Apple market as well) users, here are top Twitter apps to download and use on your phone or mobile devices. The first, of course, being the mobile Twitter app. Sadly, I have to say that Twitter, although you can add your Facebook account there and read up on what your friends have been up to lately, is not the most convenient one to use. It does a pretty good job which means that they manage to squeeze in as much as you can possibly want to get from both Twitter and Facebook and you can update your status and tweet something out at the same time. The only good thing about using Twitter for Twitter is that this is the official app…you know they are going to keep the updates coming and they are not going to just ditch you and there are no adverts. As long as Twitter is there, there will continue to be upgrades and updates.

Plume, formerly known as Touiteur, is extremely powerful, lets you add multiple Twitter accounts and gives you more space in terms of personalizing the interface. I have not personally used Plume for Twitter but heard a lot of raving reviews for it. Seesmic is another great app for Twitter and the real difference for this is that they let you check your Twitter, Facebook AND Google Buzz accounts, although the importance of Google Buzz has been dwindled down by a fair bit, the availability of which is still an advantage of sorts. What I think makes Seesmic really versatile is that it is easy to manage your profile there. It is severely lacxking in other Android apps in the market today. Another advantage is the ability to integrate Twitlonger into it which means that you can tweet something really long-winded and the app will shorten it for you and store the complete (longer) message in Twitlonger for others’ viewing.

Finally, the last two apps for Twitter that are really amazing (and ones that I have personally used)….are Tweetcaster and Ubersocial. As far as Twitter apps is concerned, Ubersocial is considered the forefather…what many apps have today, the tools and features were first innovated by Ubersocial and the search feature on this app is very powerful. Tweetcaster is an app that I continue to use today despite have Ubersocial on my phone as well. The latest update brings something that all other Twitter apps do not have (so far)…the ability to ‘speak my tweet’. Yes, Tweetcaster’s latest update has a voice recognition feature that saves you the effort of typing…which is amazing for phones with smaller screens.

So, are you using a different Twitter app and it wasn’t mentioned here? Feel free to let our readers in on your experience in the comments section. Have a splendid Saturday, everyone!

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