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One of the ways that the amazing people back here in www.beqrious.com keeps track of all the news on the QR Code trend and developments is via Google news. But that’s not where it ends – don’t forget one of the most amazing RSS feed that is sweeping the world over by now: Twitter. And Facebook, of course.

It just caught our attention that some people has been tweeting their personal contact information on twitter these days and suffice to say, what caught our attention was that some of these technology-driven folks created their very own QR Code and then uploaded it into Twitter’s sidekick, Twitpic. By uploading the QR Code (or any picture) on Twitpic means that it gets updated instantly into their Twitter account.

What they did was to tweet something as simple as this.

“please RT my personal info. #Qrcode” and then a link to a QR Code with their contact information, including email address, website, short description and twitter account information is all enclosed with the QR Code.

In this fast-paced world that we live in today, we have to do everything that we can think of to promote our businesses, be it big or small. Now that the economy is in chaos, there are more people sacked and unemployed than ever before. That also means that there are more one-man-companies and small businesses in the world today.

As we all know, being a small business means we have smaller budgets. QR Codes combined with twitter is just one of the fastest ways to get the word to go around from one friend to another and you will be very surprised at how some people are willing to ‘retweet’ your message just because you tweeted ‘please RT’.

Once the QR Code containing the personal information and description about what you do for a living is uploaded into cyberspace, it remains there until you remove it. This also means 24/7 promotion for your services or products.

The amazing thing is that with the very same QR Code, you can promote your personal information by printing it on a business card, leaflets, booklets, magazines, advertisements, company profiles, etc. It is entirely up to you how many people you want to have view the QR Code.

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