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Tweet Lane App Latest ‘Victim’ To Twitter’s Strict Rules


Twitter, as much as we all love using it, have its own ways. You can’t force them to do anything that they don’t want to do. Facebook may waver here and there, listen to views, open up doors, and maybe make some changes to suit both users and app developers so that everyone can have a better time using it, that is not the same story with Twitter.

If you don’t already know, there is a cap to Twitter’s 100,000 token limit. Many other Twitter apps has already given up getting past the rule. In fact, some apps that allowed people to find, follow, unfollow on Twitter suffered the same fate. Twitter won’t let you automatically follow like-minded people through these apps and in a lot of ways, it causes all of us, users and app developers alike, a whole lot of disappointment.

It was earlier reported that after enjoying a huge increase in downloads after the release of Windows 8, everything fell apart for the Tweetro app developers as they fell victim to Twitter’s very, extremely, incredibly strict policy for new API. I guess the cap is there for a very good reason…Twitter has its own app, I suppose. There are very few reasons why Twitter should give other app developers the same privilege and liberty to outdo its own engine and mobile application.

Fair enough, I suppose.

The latest ‘victim’ of this very strict rule is Tweet Lane tweet client. In an emotional and upsetting message in his blog, the developer for Tweet Lane, Chris Lacy, sends out a message to tell fans and friends who have downloaded and are enjoying his app that his dreams for the app and future developments to monetize the apps are dashed because the app has reached the 100,000 users limit.

Considering the fact that these developers spend a great amount of time, resources and sometimes money to develop this apps, perhaps a sounder move from Twitter should be to have a round table talk with them to see how everyone can work together for a win-win situation.

Twitter continues to be an amazingly popular online social media medium and I don’t think, even with such restrictions, it would stop more developers from trying their luck. Chris Lacy said that he wasn’t able to roll out a full-featured Twitter third-party app like he initially planned and felt that he continue to think that Twitter users are exasperatingly under-served on the Android platform.

Lacy have thought about selling a ‘Pro’ version of the app but he felt that it wasn’t appropriate because he had promised people who have downloaded the app and have helped promoted it as a ‘free for life’ app for Android users to keep it free for them.

Since he would not be able to make a living out of the app (as with everyone else, free app developers have to eat to stay alive too), he would be spending too much time on developing the app and instead will be providing speedy bug fixes and slower introduction to new features for users.

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