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Turkish Tattoo Company Uses QR Codes to Hire New Artists


Remember how QR codes placed on your resume could help you get a job?

For an artist or photographer, a QR code could help bring hiring managers to your portfolio. For a Web developer, it could bring recruiters to various Web sites that you have created. Any jobseeker could use QR codes to easily lead hiring managers to their LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or just about any site on the Web that they think could help them get the job they want.

But how about a company that uses QR codes to find employees?

This is what Berrge Tattoo has done recently when it needed to hire new artists. It worked with BURO, an ad agency based in Istanbul.

What Buro and Berrge did was to come up with advertisements that featured a blank QR code that interested applicants would have to complete. Once completed, the QR code would take people to a Web site where they could learn more about the position and apply for the job by filling out the application form posted on the site.

The QR code would only work if you were able to color it right. For example, if you did it sloppily, you would not be able to scan the code and get to the application form.

It would also attract only those who are really interested in the job. Because coloring the QR code would require time and patience, it would effectively weed out those who are not at all interested from submitting an application.

The QR code, therefore, works not only just to get people to take notice and for the company to be able to recruit some great artists, but it also save the company a lot of time from processing applicants that are not fit for the job.

So who says that QR codes are dead? It is not if you take time out to plan just how you are going to use it. With all the bad examples of how QR codes are being used by marketers nowadays, the efforts of Berrge and BURO are a breath of fresh air!

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