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There could be some resistance towards how QR Code can penetrate the advertising industry but let’s just say that it’s only a matter of time before more advertisers see the potential of mobile advertising. In fact, we heard from the grapevine that by 2013, there would be more than 15 billion dollars pumped into advertisements via QR Codes or more accurately, mobile advertising in general.

Because the negative vibe many people are feeling in the economy today, companies, large and small alike, are retracting their advertising campaigns and squeezing as much as they can from a smaller budget. This is because consumers have become more cautious about their spending habits – this is the time to spend less, switch brand or cut back with coupons, promotions, sales, etc. For smaller companies, using mobile technology to market themselves now makes sense because this is the time to snatch a market share that they have been vying for before and losing out on branding to brand-conscious consumers.

Some contend that people are hopping into the internet marketing bandwagon more than they are on the QR Code marketing train but this is not entirely true. A large part of that is true but there’s an area about tracking sales based on an internet marketing campaign that leaves much more to be desired. Advertisers now not only WANT to know but they NEED to know that every dollar spent on the advertising campaign is worth every single cent. They want to know every single direct sale is a direct result of a particular advertisement – and this is something internet marketing consultants have problems answering.

On the other hand, mobile marketing campaigns like QR Code marketing literally means that every time someone scans or uses the QR Code, it’s tracked and accounted for. We know who it is, exactly, when, where, how and why whenever someone scans the QR Code and accesses information from a mobile website.

In the UK, 1/3 of people use their mobile phones when they’re shopping. They literally take mobile marketing very seriously in Europe, more than the people in the US care about. In fact, a substantial number of them deduce that using their mobile phones HELPED them make a better decision when they’re shopping; they spend in a more informed manner which translates into them being wiser spenders and being more careful about spending money.

While the trend of QR Code mobile marketing is rapidly spreading through many parts of the Europe and Asia, it’s still a little slow in US….nevertheless, we will catch up and when we do, it’s going to be explosive!

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