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Trackability Of QR Codes Use Good Reason To Hop On


One of the biggest resistance to QR Code usage for many companies and large corporations today is this big, amazingly easy to answer question – why should I?

No, the answer is not just because it is the right thing, or the ‘in’ thing, or it is the ‘cool’ thing to do. The answer to why one should actually consider or put a thought or two into using QR Codes is this – because it is trackable. 

It might seem like such a fancy idea to quickly hop into the bandwagon while everyone’s still pondering if they should pour their precious advertising dollars into something that may or may not work and the concept of which may or may not last the next couple years. If a company values connectivity, interaction, retention of customer base, expansion of target market and also getting to know their consumers better, QR Code is exactly what you need to get in on. 

QR Codes, as many will explain it, is not just a link. The wide range of things that you can do with QR Code is exponential, almost limitless, I would say, but the one thing that marketers are always concerned about is how to track their consumers. How do we get into their minds? How do we find them and retain them? Is there s technology out there that tells us where our consumers are, when they are clicking into our links, accessing our information, going in and out of our website? 

Yes, there is. If you are interested in trying to track your consumers’ whereabouts and their surfing patterns, give our QR Code tracking application a shot and you will soon find yourself sucked into a world whereby there is bridge between you and the people who might be interested in what you have to say, share and sell. 

These applications help you create, monitor, track and analyze your QR Code campaigns in a very simple yet detailed manner. The data can also be used applied across the board for your other offline activities and you can even cross-market between your offline and online customer base. This is how amazing QR Code is. 

How, you may wonder? For instance, if you have a roadshow, print out a large banner and hand out some brochures or flyers with a specific QR Code for it. During or after the roadshow has ended, the applications will tell you who scanned the codes, where they scanned it from, how they did after they scanned the code, did they interact with your people after they scanned they code and also, more importantly, did they end up purchasing anything from you after they scanned the code. 

These are pertinent information that you can use, not just for THIS marketing campaign or roadshow, but for future marketing strategies as well. 


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