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Toys R Us and eBay Launches QR Code iPhone App


While browsing Youtube website for fun QR Code content that we can highlight to you, we chanced upon an ad by Hong Kong’s Toys R Us that promoted their loyalty program with QR Code. They recently launched an application for iPhone that integrates QR Codes together with unique, exclusive content and…of course, rewards for those who checked out the program or downloaded the QR code application.

The purpose of the said advertisement was to entice and engage members of their loyalty program. They, reportedly, have more than seven-hundred-thousand enthusiastic fans, parents and kids alike who are game for the loyalty program called ‘R’.

What does the QR Code lead to? Well, according to our sources and the advertisement, the QR Code will bring the loyalty program members to fun videos, content, promotion, online catalog, news and while at it, members get to accumulate points which will be added to the card. The points collected can be redeemed or can be used for special discounts.

Not only is Toys R Us jumping into the bandwagon, so is eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace. While Amazon’s already adopting QR Code technology, we knew that it was only a matter of time before eBay saw the opportunity and get in on it too.

eBay also released their very own iPhone application which includes QR Code scanning abilities. The said application is the most popular barcode scanning technology and has been used by iTunes, which boasts of more than five million downloads so far.

Representatives said that it was a more fun way to engage their customers. Consumers’ experience is enhanced when they find more information, view videos or read reviews at the palm of their hands. It also assists consumers with decision-making process.

QR Codes is already popularly used in other parts of the world, like Asia and Europe. QR Codes, funnily enough, is slow to catch on in the US. However, we are most definitely gaining speed because more people are changing their phones from the conventional type of cell phone to a smart phone or an android.

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