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Toyota Mobile Payment Option


I would have to say that the biggest development for the QR Code marketing industry comes in the form of making payment easy for consumers via a flick of the phone. We are talking about mobile shopping walls with QR Codes, bills that comes printed with ‘pay now’ beside a QR Code and also menus in restaurants and websites that lets consumers choose the way they want to pay. Suffice to say, not only are consumers very receptive of the idea, the vendors and marketing affiliates are more than happy to make QR Code payment available. 

The payment option was available before, albeit last year, but the growth was level and skepticism remained high. 


One good example to show that large companies are more amenable towards this mobile technology is Toyota. The large car maker recently launched an iPhone application together with a personalized QR Code which makes account and loan information available to Toyota car owners available on the smart phone. At the point of writing this article, the option is currently only available to iPhone users. Together with the marketing plan, Toyota also launched a micro-site which was mobile-friendly early this year. The marketing execs for the car brand expect more smartphone users to start using the site and the QR Code to deal with their car loans. So says the head of Marketing and Brands at the company. 

What is unique about the whole thing is that the QR Code is personalized, which means that it is unique to the said customer. It is not just a QR Code that leads the smartphone user to a website whereby they have to manually log in and key in their personal information on the website. Nope. The QR Code leads the consumer directly to his or her personal account. 

So, how was the reception, you ask? Well, representatives from Toyota Financial Services reported confidently that more than five thousand and two hundred people have downloaded the application and are already using it, so, I would say that the response is favorable.

But Toyota is not the only company intrigued with the technology. Other companies, like LA-based Paperlinks also launched a QR Code payment method via their takeout menu.

Anyway, for those of you who are still in the dark about QR Codes and what they can do (or what people are doing with them, for that matter), do check out this fun video. 



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