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Touchcode to Take Over QR Codes?

touchcode qr code

A new technology has come out and aims to take over quick response codes. This new technology is called Touchcode and was developed by Printechnologics, which is a developer for printed functionality and which believes that it is high time for QR codes to move over and step aside.

Touchcode technology will be used for Printechnologics’ print services. It is aimed at reinventing the printed page by creating a fusion between digital and physical media. Touchcode leverages what is called a “reflective” ink, which has the ability to store information. The company says that this reflective ink can mimic the functionality of a touchscreen.

Printechnologics believes that their new initiative will be a welcome addition to the great world of marketing and mobile technology. The company relates that Touchcode will make a good replacement for QR codes in particular because its reflective ink is easier to implement and is more intuitive compared to QR codes. It explains that other companies can use Printechnologics’ printing services and just hire software developers who will be the ones to embed digital experiences into Touchcode’s reflective ink.

We honestly think that it would be hard for Touchcode to replace QR codes. For one, QR codes have gone a long way and advertisers favor them for their relatively convenient and simplistic nature. QR codes have worked a long and hard battle just to gain the support of both advertisers and consumers, which support Touchcode will have to work hard and long to gain, too.

We believe that Touchcode will also have a hard time finding an edge over these two-dimensional matrix barcodes because it is not as inexpensive and flexible. Anybody can generate their own QR code for free and without having to hire their own software developer unlike with Touchcode.

Lastly, while the information that is contained within the Touchcode’s reflective ink is likely accessible through a mobile device or through a smartphone, Printechnologics has not been very specific with the details regarding the ink.

So, no, we don’t think Touchcode can replace QR codes. Or at least it’s still very far from getting to that point.

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