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Total Control Over Your Party With QR Code


Facebook and Twitter is not the only way people can organize events…we can use QR Codes to create such manageable parties as well. To those who are already in the social media loop, using Facebook’s event feature and Twitter’s trackability is probably old news to you.

Just like online social networking sites, QR Codes is quickly gaining momentum in this part of the world. In Japan, it has been in popular use for more than a decade and now, the rest of the world wants ‘in’ on it too.

QR Codes are currently being widely used to connect people in real life (i.e. in trains, cars, walking to work, sipping coffee in a cafe), to the online world with a mere scan using a smart phone’s camera. The corporate world sees a huge, giant opening for a new way to reach their intended audience and target market, hence, have started using QR Code technology as a means of marketing and promoting their brands, companies and products. Individuals are also having their load of fun with it by getting creative and personalizing their own QR Codes.

The same way people RSVP to your party via Facebook and Twitter, create a QR Code for free and send it to your friends for them to RSVP either by leading them to a unique mobile-friendly website or your blog. Your friends, when they scan the QR Code, can comment on your blog or RSVP the event directly from their phones instead of waiting to get home to a computer to do it, or spend extra money to make a phone call…although making a phone call definitely wins on the ‘personal approach’ front.

To get started, if you wish to create a unique mobile website, go ahead and do it and then get the link. If you wish to bring people to your blog or website/contact form, do the same thing, copy the link. With the link, create your very own QR code with our free QR Code generator which allows you to embed images and logos too. Once you have that done, download the QR code into your computer and copy it to your mobile phone.

Send the QR code to your friends to let them access the link. Or you can print it out on business cards, t-shirts, flyers and brochures too. That might sound like going overboard so, skip it if it is not something BIG.

And don’t forget to publish the QR code on your website, blog, facebook and even twitter. Making use of as many online tools that you have today gives you maximum flexibility

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