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TopFruit.com Uses QR Codes for Its Marketing and Product Packaging


TopFruits.com is currently gathering a lot of media attention because of their iPhone 5 mock-up.  The company used its products to create a giant iPhone 4, using cantaloupes, grapes, limes, raspberries, kiwis, aubergines, watermelons and other fruits.

The video is currently nearing 175,000 views on YouTube.

This, however, is not the company’s first video.  They currently have dozens of videos on their YouTube site.  Their videos, usually feature recipes, tips and advice, and other information about fruits and vegetables, are all expertly made and shot.

TopFruit.com Uses QR Codes

The European distributor uses QR codes to disseminate these videos.  They put up QR codes on their packaging that would take the buyer to a relevant video.  For instance, those who buy their mangoes can scan the QR codes included in the packaging and be taken to a video instructing them how to ripen mangoes or use them in recipes.  QR codes on apples take users to a video on how to help kids eat more fruits and vegetables.

QR Codes Can Help Your Marketing

QR codes have been used by the world’s top brands and biggest companies such as Calvin Klen, Macy’s, Best Buy, JetBlue, Starbucks, HBO and Coke.  If these top companies see the potential of QR codes for ease in marketing, then so can you.

QR codes help you give your customers a more interactive experience with your products.  Not only that, it could also help you sell more.  As in the case of TopFruit.com, having recipes could provide the opportunity to sell other fruits, as well, and give the customer more reasons to buy mangoes.

QR codes could also help your campaigns gain more traction.  You can use QR codes to promote videos and blog posts and even social media sites easily and conveniently.  What’s more, with QR codes you can take advantage of the rising use of smartphones and mobile Internet.


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