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Top 4 Tips for a Great Call to Action Page


While a lot of website designers and business owners put a premium on hits and visits, there comes a point when having a lot of visitors is no longer enough.   Great and effective websites convert.  That is the number one rule nowadays.

This is where call-to-action pages come in.  Call-to-action pages are where you convert site visitors into customers, subscribers or leads.   It is also where you ask your visitors to become your marketers by sharing your site, blog posts or pages.

But how can you have a great call to action page? Here are four things to remember:

1. Benefits, benefits, benefits.  You should be able to tell your visitors what they stand to gain from performing the action you want them to do.   For example, if your call to action is to have them subscribe to your newsletter, it should be clear to them what type of information they are going to get from it: exclusive, updated and relevant news!

2. Location.  As with everything else in this Web design, where you place your call to action is very important. Generally, your call to action should be at the top of your page where it is easily seen without even scrolling down the page.  Some pages place their call to action at the center, where people are bound to look first.

3. Don’t confuse your visitors.  You can only use one call to action for your page.  If you want them to subscribe to your newsletter, avoid selling them things.   A single call to action can help your visitors stay focused on what you want them to do.

4. Make your call to action attractive.  Design your page with special focus on the call to action.   You should include a graphic or use different colors for your call to action.  Minimize using flashy images and bad fonts, as these will make people think that you have an ad.

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