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Too Many Features? These Design Ideas Will Help Save the Day!


It is quite normal for websites to have different sections and features. It could have a product section, a photo gallery, a blog, services, product descriptions, and other features. All these would have their own separate content. Putting all these on your webpage could easily spell disaster as far as readability and navigation is concerned.

Thankfully, there are Web designs that can help you cut through the clutter. Here are two ideas:

Use hierarchy in layout and typography.

If you have a lot of content or features, you might want to take things simply by making sure that you can create hierarchy with your layout and typography.

Take the Project Nursery website for example:

Project Nursery is a site for mothers and would-be moms to get inspiration for their nurseries and kid’s rooms. More than anything, they rely on their readership to be able to get a boost in advertising revenues. As such, social media is a very important part of their marketing, and as you can see, social media buttons are given bigger real estate in the layout.

The sections are also neatly organized beneath the logo.

Your attention, however, is attracted by typography. Your eyes are immediately directed to the title of the latest blog post. Either that or it gets directed to the elaborately styled design studio section, which stands out because of the different typography it uses.

Show only features when it is needed.

There are a lot of websites that are doing this, but perhaps one of the most notable is Twitter.

Normally, the What’s happening? box is just that, a box.

But when you click on it to start writing your tweet, the box becomes bigger, and you are shown two icons beneath it (that allows you to attach an image or a location to your Tweets), the number of characters remaining and the tweet button.

By hiding features that are needed,you get a cleaner and more organized design.

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