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TNT Post Netherlands Adds Spice To Direct Mail Service


TNT Post recently added more flavor to their direct mail services. What is different now with the campaign is that there will be QR Codes included in the postcards that consumers receive from the company.

QR Code stands for quick response code and is touted as the bridge between the offline (real) world that we live in and the online space that most of us indulge in these days. A link cannot be accessed in real life unless you had a cell phone, a direct URL or a laptop with you wherever you went. Now, with QR Codes, online links can be easily accessed with a QR Code reader installed into a cell phone.

How does this benefit advertisers and consumers? Here’s the low-down.

For businesses, it simply means spending less for more results. Spending a fortune on pamphlets, brochures, flyers or advertising space in magazines and newspapers is no longer necessary. All one has to do now is to get in touch with TNT post and tell them about the promo. The company will put up the advertisement in the direct mail and includes a QR Code along with it.

And on to the consumers. Consumers will receive the direct mailer, sees the advertisement, is curious and interested in finding out more information about it. He whips out his cell phone, open up the QR Code reading program, scans the code with the cell phone camera and is led to the intended content. It can be a link to a website, a link to an online video, or a link to download or view media files, download of content, etc. If he is interested in what he sees, action can be taken right on the spot. He could order tickets, book a flight, view a video, download stuff or hire a virtual secretary!

The benefit of advertising via the direct mail is that the consumer gets to instantly respond. Compare that to conventional advertising which gives consumers the chance to put off getting more information, QR Code brings them instant link to what they are interested in. Everyone in marketing knows that ‘timing is everything’. You have to catch the potential customer’s attention and make him want to react right there and then. Give them a chance to think about it, half of them will end up either forgetting about it or changes his mind.

On top of that, QR Code marketing brings the company closer to the end-users; consumers can comment, react or find out more information from the company by interacting on the mobile web page that he landed on with his cell phone. If he wanted to find out if there was a chance he could book a ticket for Friday night’s show next month, he could do it right then.

The great thing about advertising in a direct mail is that it gives QR Code more life when there is chance for the advertiser to get creative with images, taglines and headlines. QR Codes, on their own, look rather boring and bland to begin with. But together, they pack a powerful punch.

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