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Tip: When Internet Is At Sloth-Speed


We have all dealt with this before, at one time or another….slow internet access. It drives us nuts especially when we are in the middle of something TRULY, TRULY, TRULY important…like preparing an online report or pitching a business deal to an investor or just convincing your boss that raising your salary is a justified decision.

Before heading to Twitter and Facebook to call your Internet Service Provider all sorts of names, there are a couple of things that we need to do and these are basic stuff that you and I can do without the help of a technician.

First of all, we need to check if we are actually using the right plan for the speed that we are getting…and you will only need to check with the ISP one time and one time only. And subsequently, when you are facing sloth-speed internet access, head over to speedtest.net to run a speed test. If your internet speed is what you have subscribed to…well, you need to pay for better speed. IF the speed is far slower than what have subscribed to, there are ways to counter this problem, one being heading to Twitter and Facebook to call the ISP some mean names. From a personal experience, if your ISP is online, they will instantly look you up and respond accordingly. I have had great experience so far with my ISP where the problem was fixed within a couple of hours.

The second thing to do if everything matched up, it would be to walk over to your modem and router and yes, you have guessed right, switch them off, wait a couple of seconds and then switch them back on again. If you have more than one computer or laptop hooked onto the wifi or internet, check if the speed is the same on those devices and computers. If the internet speed is fine on other devices, then the problem is confined to just the computer or laptop that you are using. Then it is time to troubleshoot your computer.

Might I remind readers that sometimes, it could be the Wifi signal to the device that is weak and unfortunately, it has got to do the distance you are from the modem and router. Do have a look at the Wifi signal and its strength. Sometimes, we need a stronger router and sometimes, we just need to be nearer.

If it is a device that seem to be experiencing slow internet access, it could be the apps that are loading and running in the background that is hogging up all the internet connection and if it is a computer or laptop that you are complaining about, be sure that you are not downloading a ton of stuff on the (or other) computers. Downloading things on BitTorrent, mind you, have a rather drastic effect on the speed of internet on other devices and that is why, downloading of these large files are usually done overnight when all users, including yourself (I hope) is asleep.

However, if you have done everything that you can possibly do to speed up the internet, THEN it is perhaps the fault of the service provider and for you to find a new one. If you have other tips that our readers can use, please do leave a comment in the comment section.

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