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Tip: Time Management and Scheduling Tasks


The sad truth is that most of us are working at top speed, almost the whole day through, without breaks and worse still, we are multi-tasking with different devices and on the move. Is there any wonder why we are seeing a drop in the quality of work done? Yes, things might speed up and we might ‘get more things done’ but more things done does not naturally mean ‘get things done well’. As we submit sub-par work in, the level of efficiency suffers too. Is there a way to speed things up without doing away with quality work?

It takes skills to actually create a balance between the quality of work and quality of life…it is a skill that many seek and few have found. Even top leaders and experts can tell you that they spend a sufficient number of hours a day trying to balance things up so that things don’t topple. Is balance, then, an unreachable goal? Nope. It is a good skill to acquire and we should all learn from leadership coaches like Jason Womack from Inc.com.

His advice is to split up our work day (or even our home life whereby we have to navigate a myriad number of tasks for the family) into 96 different 15 minutes blocks of time.

This tip is, of course, nothing new but as you can see, very few of us actually attempt to do that. If you are, congratulations! If you have not, it is not too late to give this scheduling technique a shot.

Womack thinks that people are more creative and effective when they concentrate on doing something for fifteen minutes at a time. Research have also shown that we are in top condition during the first fifteen minutes of attending to a particular task, and then our concentration level slowly wanes off, bit by bit.

In fact, Womack suggests that we should take out a piece of paper and start a ‘If I had 15 minutes, I would…’ list.

I don’t know about the above suggestion because same as everyone else, I have a master list of tasks and then a sub-master list (for non-work-related tasks) and dealing with both of them is already giving me migraines. Maybe towards the start of the week, I might attempt this. For those of you who are interested about how to make your work day a more productive one, hop over to Inc.com where there is a short video explaining how this tip works.

Watch the video, it is worth it and makes perfect sense. It takes only two minutes, by the way.

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