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Time Traveling with QR Codes: QR Codes Are Used to Show People the History of K Street


Have you ever walked down a particular street or roamed a city and wondered how it used to look 10, 20 or 50 years ago?

Sometimes, the places you frequent will surprise you. With a little bit of history, you will see familiar buildings and stores in a completely new light.

In Sacramento, a self-guided digital tour is not taking tourists and locals on a trip down memory lane with QR codes.

The city’s K Street exudes charm and history. It has gone through a lot of changes over the years. And it is very interesting to see what the street looked like before.

The QR code tour is self-guided. It was organized by The Sacramento Room in partnership with Turn Downtown Around.

Amanda Graham, the archivist and library services specialist for the Sacramento Room, helped organized the QR coded tour.

Graham relates that QR codes help capture people’s interest. What’s more, they wanted the historic photos to be accessed while you are on K Street. This will make it more interesting because you can see how K Street looks like now and you can see the archived photographs. You can easily compare what has changed and what has not.

So if you find yourself on K Street, do not be shy. You just have to have your smartphone ready. With a good scanner application and Internet connection, you can scan these QR codes and see the photos on your smartphone.

For instance, the first photo you are going to see is K Street circa 1939, just between 9th and 10th street. There is also an audio track together with these photos, making it feel like an experience tour guide is with you on your time travel.

The project has been named SACQR, which contains more than a dozen places on K Street that are of interest.

You can access these places on their Web site, still accessible from the QR code. We recommend that you spend an hour or more doing the tour because you will certainly learn more about K Street’s history, as well as the individual stores and buildings featured in the tour.

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