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Time’s 50 Best Websites


Time Magazine has come out with the 50 Best Websites for this year. Here are a sampling of their selections that we agree with:



Being a parent is hard enough without having to navigate through a poorly designed site. CafeMom gives moms “conversation, advice, friendship and entertainment” and it is very easy to find what you are looking for on the site because of the site’s organization and intuitive navigation.



Poptropica gets around 10 million visits every month. The site gives kids a lot of games, puzzles and quests set on 20 different “islands” or themes.



If you are a sports fan, then you would love Grantland. The new site brings together the best sports writers, including site creator Bill Simmons. Owned by ESPN, it also has everything that is sports related, even music used in wrestling matches and monkey moviews.

Big Think


Outlandish ideas, news and information all have a home in the Big Think website. But this site is not your usual collection of crackpots spewing nonsense about the end of the world, the latest science non-discoveries and business ideas that are doomed to fail. Instead, you have what they call “resident big thinkers”, experts and other distinguished writers and thinkers. This site is thoroughly recommended if you want to challenge your own thinking as well.



We first came to know about Evernote as a mobile app. But the website is also great. You can put all your notes, audio files, images and other stuff on the site.

The rest of the list is available online. But if you take a look at all these sites, you will notice that there is a common thread. What do all these sites have in common?


  • A great idea or service
  • Great content
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Simple Web page design
  • Neat and clean layout.


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