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Three Things To Track With Your Android


Some of us may not admit the fact that we hug our smart phones or tablets to bed but this writer isn’t just anybody, I will admit to it – I hug BOTH to bed. But that is only because they are so useful to me and I have come to use it to track and manage my life so well. These devices are used to manage and organize terribly stressed out lives and don’t be surprised that when you use these devices on a consistent basis, you will see patterns and per chance you need to make changes to your lifestyle, these records will prove handy.

Money matters – This is the kind of data you might want to consider collecting seriously. You know what is so sad about modern society is? We do not feel the pinch whenever we spend with credit and debit cards and not to mention Paypal and other online processing methods. It is not the same as handing out cold, hard cash to someone at the checkout counter.

Most finance gurus will tell you the same thing; if you want to control your spending and start saving up some money for rainy days, a brand new gadget, a new phone or a vacation, write down your spending. There are tons of tools on the Android market to help you do that quite effortlessly.

Your fitness – Even with the best fitness app there is available for both iOS and Android, you will still, first of all, need to have the will to move off your rear end. Working out and getting fit isn’t a prerequisite to a good life but it sure beats having a waistline that is double or triple of what it was like when you first started working.

We sit at work, sit in the car, sit during meetings, sit on the sofa…even a non fitness freak can tell you that this would only lead to health problems, if not now, later on in your life. So, track your fitness and plan out a reasonably feasible exercise plan on your app since we are all pretty much hug it to sleep every night, anyway.

Your work – Frankly speaking, it would be hard to function in this fast paced life without something resembling a checklist. But this time, instead of writing it down on a piece of paper (that you might lose as you hurry from one meeting to another), you write it down on your android tablet (which you are NOT likely to lose! There would be much hell if you did, admit it).

It doesn’t have to be complicated or something extensive. Most phones and tablets already come with their very own ‘note’ or word processing programs….use that. Check out ‘Colornote’, ‘Checklist’ or ‘LiveList Checklist’ on Android Market. In fact, if you have a wedding coming up, there’s a very specific one called simply ‘Wedding Checklist’.

Let us know in the comments section if you use your tablet or phone to track something else. I might hop onto tracking that as well.

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