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Three Mobile Sites to Learn From


With more and more people owning smartphones, it is almost imperative for businesses to have a mobile version of their site. Think that it’s not just for those using the same website they optimized for desktop users, but also for those who are accessing the page using their mobile devices.

So if you are trying to come up with a mobile design, why not whip out your smartphones and check out these sites. They might provide you with the right inspiration!

1. Facebook

Facebook is a joy to use on your desktop. One of its biggest challenges is how to present all the features and functionalities that its users have come to love in its mobile version. Well, head on over to m.facebook.com on your mobile phone and you will find that it’s a great experience as well. In fact, it would be safe to say that there is not much difference between Facebook mobile and its desktop counterparts, only that Facebook mobile is optimized fully for touchscreen phones with links and buttons all over.

2. BBC

The English broadcaster has more than 1,600 people working for its BBC Online products. That is a testament to how the company values a user’s mobile experience, even if it’s a TV broadcaster and works for a different medium.

The BBC’s site is very much optimized for mobile devices. The design does away with unnecessary scrolling, takes full advantage of the features found on mobile devices such as touchscreens and swiping navigation. But what makes the BBC mobile homepage much more valuable is that it gives you an easy way to customize your homepage, making sure that content delivered to you is something that will interest you.

3. McDonald’s UK

Talk about minimalist ideas. McDonald’s does away with all the bells and whistles, and goes back to basics. When you access m.mcdonalds.co.uk, it automatically detects your location and gives you the address to the nearest McDonald’s restaurant complete with store hours and maps.

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