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Three Mobile Apps That Are Making a Splash Right Now


Microsoft Launches Office Mobile Android App

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, then you will be glad to know that Microsoft is making its Office suite available on your Android phones.

Yes, you can now use your Android phone to write documents in Word or edit spreadsheets on Excel and even make changes to a stunning presentation on PowerPoint.

The Office Mobile app is free to download but you can only make it work if you have a Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus or Home Premium subscription. On top of the $100 per year subscription, the app is only available for smartphones in the United States for now. We have no idea when there would be tablet support and when it will be available in other countries.

Where’s That Offender? A Washington Mobile App Can Tell You

Washington State has always allowed victims of crimes to keep track of offenders through their Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification service. Victims can log into http://www.vinelink.com to see if the offender is still in jail, or has been transferred or release, or has died.

Now the state has launched an added service via a mobile app. The mobile app can help victims track offenders anonymously, including their custody location and status. On top of that, the mobile app also allows people to sign up for automatic notifications for any changes.

The VINEMobile App is available for iOS and Android users.

LinkedIn Expands Its Mobile Apps

LinkedIn has been improving on its mobile apps for quite some time now. They first made it possible for their mobile users to search for jobs on their apps.

Now LinkedIn allows their users to apply for these jobs by making it easy to send in their LinkedIn profiles in lieu of resumes.

Interesting development for LinkedIn users, but before you send in your profile, make sure to tweak it first. This way, you will be able to put your best foot forward even while you are on the go.

But more importantly, this change is closely in tune with the trends. A recent comScore report showed that more than 6 million Americans use their mobile phones to apply for a job.

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