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Three Mistakes That Kill Your Content


When creating and maintaining websites, content is the single most important element that you should keep in mind. Without great content, your site would not be visited by people or ranked by search engines.

But even if you are the best writer in the world, there are mistakes that could kill your content.

What are they?

1. Making simple design mistakes.

Simple mistakes with your text can easily kill it. For instance, using an ornate font that makes paragraphs of text difficult to read, or using a text color that has insufficient contrast with your background can drastically lower your readability.

Also having a page display wrong on a certain browser might also cause your text to be unreadable.

The thing is, it is very easy to avoid these simple mistakes. Just make sure that you test your page on different browsers and have people comment on your page first before making it live.

2. Using fixed font size with your CSS.

Most of the time, Webmasters use CSS style sheets to dictate how their pages would look. One of the things that we recommend you should never use is specifying a fixed font size for your page.

The fixed font size effectively disables the browsers’ capability to zoom in or out of your text, all the while displaying your text in a font size that is too small making it very difficult to read.

3. Low scannability of your text.

You may have the best content in your industry, but people simply are not sharing it. It could be because of your text layout that is hard to read.

Remember that you are writing for people who will read your content on computer screens. So make sure that you have text that is easily skimmed. If your content is presented like a thesis or legal decision, then expect people not to linger on your site or come back in the future.

To help you make your content reader friendly, always use these techniques:

  • subheads
  • highlighted keywords
  • bulleted or numbered lists
  • short paragraphs
  • easy to understand words

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