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Three Mistakes That Could Kill Your App


They say that the best thing that you could do when you commit a mistake is to learn from it. If you want to succeed, then be sure to learn from your mistakes.

But BeQRious.com thinks that it is much better to learn from others’ mistakes so that you do not waste time, effort, and money!  When it comes to designing and creating a mobile app, you surely don’t have to do a trial-and-error.  To save you the hassle, here are three things that you should avoid:

1. Creating an app that does too many things.

When it comes to mobile apps, it is best to keep it simple. Your app should have a singular purpose, so this way, you could focus on doing it well.  For example, a photo processing app should be focused on features and functionalities that help users edit their photos.  It is great if you could cram an app with all the features you want, but be sure that these features are necessary for the app to function well.

For a photo processing app, the ability to share the photos on the user’s Facebook profile might be a welcome feature, but adding instant messaging to your app might already confuse your users.

2. Pricing your apps wrong.

There are a lot of ways to price your app.  You could either give it free, or assign a price to it.  Try to discern if your app offers significant value to your users.  You cannot have an app that markets your products and ask people to pay for it too.  On the other hand, there are a lot of different strategies for pricing, some go with the standard 99 cents without giving it too much thought.  Some developers give away their app for free while it gains good reviews and gets into the top 100 list, and then charge for it later.  Pricing should be one of the main considerations you have when launching an app.

3. Not letting people test your app.

Unless you have a very popular app, chances are, people would like it very much if they could take your app for a test run before buying it. Let people install your app for free then charge them after a few days of using it. Or you could disable some features, which users can activate if they pay. Or you could give people your app for free and then just ask them to pay for the upgrades.

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