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Three Million Smartphones Shipped to the U.S.


Within just the third quarter of this year, 23 million Americans bought smartphones. This is what Strategy Analytics found out in its recent study.

The Strategy Analytics report also said that most people bought smartphones manufactured by Apple and HTC.

If you are looking to market your brand, products and services via a mobile app, it would seem that now is the right time to get started. Smartphone sales are increasing and adoption is really picking up. As more and more people own a smartphone, more and more people can download your app and use it, giving you an edge over your competitors in terms of brand recognition and top-of-mind recall.

China Is Number 1 Smartphone Country

Even these astounding statistics pales in comparison to China, which had close to 24 million smartphones sold in the same period. Nokia and Samsung were clear winners in the Chinese market.

Android or iOS?

The Strategy Analytics study did not really specify what operating systems were popular in the United States. However, if you have a mobile app for the iOS , then you could expect patronage from 1 in every 5 smartphone users.

This is not to say that you should ignore Google’s Android OS. There is a growing number of people who are looking for reasonably priced Android smartphones.

This is in line with previous studies that showed that Android OS is winning over Apple’s iOS. In a previous report, BeQRious related that Android has cornered more than half of the global smartphone market with Apple getting only 15% of the market, subsequently getting 44% of all mobile apps downloads.

It would seem that serious marketers should have both an iOS and Android version of their mobile apps to effectively corner a majority of their market.

However, one thing is clear: the world is shifting toward smartphone use. Create, design and launch an app now and be where your customers are!

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