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Three Ingenious Uses of QR Codes Outside of Marketing


QR codes are really very useful and a lot of businesses and companies are using it for their marketing. But here are three uses of QR codes that are not purely for marketing purposes.

QR Codes Act as Guide to Tourists in Spain

QR codes have been helping tourists find their way around the new place they are visiting or learn more about the attractions.

In Spain, the City of Costa del Sol has come up with a good idea on using QR codes to help people get more information on the various hotspots in both Marbella and San Pedro.

With more and more people using smartphones and getting familiar with QR codes, we think that this is a good way to disseminate information about places.

QR Codes Make the Periodic Table of Elements More Interesting

BeQRious has reported before on the use of QR codes on the Periodic Table of Elements created by an Italian student. When scanned, the QR codes would give information about that particular element such as its complete name, atomic weight, density and other information.

Now an artist has come up with a different version of a Periodic Table of Elements. This time, when you scan a QR code for a particular element, it takes you to the Wikipedia entry for that particular element. This is much more interesting because you are not limited to just the basic information, but you have a whole Wikipedia entry to look at and essentially learn more about the element you want to learn about.

A Record-Setting QR Code

A little while ago, we reported on the Kraay Family Farm’s QR code. The Canadian family fashioned a QR code out of their farmlands that also doubles as a maze. The Kraay family runs the Lacombe Corn Maze. Back then, we noted that this might as well be the largest working QR code in the world.

Just last week, we received word that Guinness World Records has declared the Kraay Family’s cornfield QR code as the largest in the world, measuring at approximately 29,000 sq. m.

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