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This is, by far, the furthest anyone’s taken QR Code….a QR Coat.


Yes, that wasn’t a misspelling. Take a look.

This pretty funky QR Code Coat was designed by Brazilian designer, Pedro Toast, and it appears that he’s not only caught the QR Code bug, he’s totally fascinated by it, believing that people will soon catch on the trend.

We are not sure if the QR Code that runs down the middle of the coat can be read and what it says or leads to, but we are sure there is a message behind all the QR Codes.

If you looked at the video, people were scanning the QR Code displayed at the racks – so, it is our guess that there is a special message behind it. Anyway, what this video and image shows is that QR Code is already quite a big hit in Brazil and other Southern American state and if the trend continues to grow there, it is only a matter of time that it hits us, in the United States.

Check out the video over here, if the video does not work, click on this QR Code Coat link.

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