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The Where And Why Of QR Code Software


Whilst the interest and curiosity of Americans is rising, there is still a lot of things that we need to learn before we can properly make use of a technology of QR Code.

For the consumers…there isn’t much to learn because all you need is the Internet and then Google to find out more information about it. But for the companies and corporations wishing to make use of this incredible technology for branding, marketing, sales pitches and promotions, there is a whole barrage of questions, including this: what kind of QR code software do we need?

For the users, owners of smart phones like Blackberry and iPhone, it does require a little bit of work and that involves searching for and installing a software called the QR Code reader. It works sort of like the software that conventional barcode scanner at the checkout counter does…except that the scanner now is your phone’s camera.

Advertisers should have no problems whatsoever in finding a free QR Code software in cyber space that can convert text, links or a whole myriad of online information in a square box of mix-and-match black and white blocks. The problem with advertisers lie beyond finding a QR code software – the problem is coming up with a mobile web page and a tracking system that will help them track the where, the how, the why and the how long people stayed on in the mobile website using the QR Code link.

Many advertising companies and media agencies cleverly jumped into the bandwagon by coming up with QR code software that tracks the usage and millage of users. Basically the tracking software helps advertisers understand more about their target market and perhaps, improve on their strategies.

Knowing how effective the advertising campaign has been is a crucial aspect of the advertising world. ROI or return of investment determines whether the company stays on with the current marketing plan or do they move on to another. It also determines where the marketing division of the company throw the money for the sake of promotion and increased sales.

A QR code software for advertisers is not hard to find but they are, we have to say, a pretty high stack of cash. Considering the fact that QR Code technology is still at infancy stage in this country, the price of tracking usage is stunting the growth of the technology in this country. It is THAT and the fact that consumers are still unfamiliar with the concept or find it intrusive. But we are sure that it is only a teething stage and that people will finally accept QR Code into their lives because soon, it will be so ‘everywhere’ that they would have to move to Mars to avoid seeing it.

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