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The Top Ways to Screw up Your QR Code Marketing: Part 2


Not paying attention to your QR code marketing is a surefire way to fail at it. How do you ensure that you cover all the bases and succeed? Avoid these common mistakes:

3. Not minding what content to put up behind the QR code.

Most companies take people who scan their QR codes to their own Web site. There is really nothing wrong with that, except that people would not really find that all too interesting. Be sure to create content that people can use, or something that they find entertaining or at least something that makes them laugh.

Remember that your customers are taking time, effort and they are probably paying for data usage when they scan your QR code. Make it worth their while to do so or else, they will resent you for wasting their resources.

4. Not using a mobile-optimized site for your landing page.

If you really need to take your customers to a Web page, then be sure that it is mobile optimized. By mobile optimized, we mean that it should display really well on their mobile devices, no matter how big or small their screens are. What’s more, they should be able to read what you have written without scrolling too much or they should not have problems tapping or clicking on links you provide on your site. v5. Not tracking your QR codes.

Like every other marketing campaign, you would need to track your QR codes. This will help you measure their success and give you all the data you need to know what needs to be changed and what worked for your campaign. Tracking your QR codes can also help you get more insights about your customers and your campaign.

Tracking your QR codes is easy. When you partner with BeQRious, we can provide you with a tracking system that will give you all the data and information you need to make these decisions with regards to your QR codes.

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