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The Top Five Most Fun and Addictive Android Games


It is the weekend so it is time to relax a bit. It has been a tremendously stressful week, hasn’t it? Let’s take a look at some Android games that we can sink into and kill some time with!

Forget about Angry Birds and stop slinging them at green pigs. These are the games to download and install if you want hours and hours of mindless fun.

1. Apparatus

This game’s premise is simple: building machines to perform a simple task. It starts out easy enough, and then it gets more and more challenging!

What’s neat about Apparatus is that you can play with others and you can upload your creations for others to envy!

2. Drop7

Zynga manages to put together different number puzzle games and style it ala Tetris. This would keep you occupied for hours!

And because it is a Zynga game, it gets social too, you can compare your score with your Facebook friends!

3. Grow

Talk about voracious appetites, in Grow, your task is to eat everything in the aquarium that is smaller than you are and avoid those that are bigger. Sounds simple enough?

You get power-ups, a lot of gameplay modes and more than 60 levels and 7 different environments.

4. Solipskier

With Solipskier, you draw a path for a skier to go through. The aim is to keep the skier alive and get as much points as you can. Very fast-paced so it is very challenging to get a high score. You would love the game and its music: guitar solos. There is also an online leaderboard so you could brag to the whole world that hard to earn high score!

5. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja might be your typical slash game: fruits are tossed into the air and you swipe across your Android phone to cut them into bits and literally dice and smash them. The design in itself is worth the download, but it is really fun and addictive!

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One Response to The Top Five Most Fun and Addictive Android Games

  1. Shruti August 18, 2012, 5:28 am

    Nice list. But my favorite is Where’s My Water because you need to be very clever to solve this physics based puzzler. But, unfortunately it is not in the list. :(

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