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Do not look now, but it seems that new features are coming to the Android operating system when it comes out with version 4.4, lovingly called KitKat.

Several media outlets and tech blog sites have released leaked photos, said to be of Nexus 5 and the new OS. The new features being rumored to be debuting with KitKat?

Printing and Payments. It would seem that you would no longer need a mobile app to make near-field communication supported payments. You will also be able to play a video on your TV from your smartphone, and you can preview filters before applying them to your photos. You will also be able to print your photos without transferring them from your smartphone to your computer.

You will also have a smoother user interface to work with.

Hangouts Will Soon Have SMS?

Another interesting update from the Google front is the news that its Hangouts mobile app would soon have SMS capabilities. Google’s own instant video and messaging app is said to be adding SMS and MMS capabilities so that you could view your SMS on your Hangouts inbox. And yes, you could finally use Hangouts to send SMS messages to your contacts.

Could it be that there would soon be VOIP services for Hangout services?

Another question we have is whether Hangouts would come pre-installed on the next Android phones, and would it be replacing the messaging app that Android users are using right now?

Google Boasts that Android is More Secure than iPhone

Eric Schmidt who is an executive chair at Google says that Android is a lot more secure than iPhones. Schmidt explained that they are doing a lot of real world testing on Android’s security. On top of that, Google has released new security features with Jelly Bean 4.3. There is another pair of features that would become available on earlier versions of Android OS.

Do you think that Schmidt is spot on? Or just showing some love for the company he works for?

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