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The Top 20 iPhone Games You Should Get and Play (Part 4)


Welcome to the fourth instalment of the top 20 iPhone games that are worth downloading and playing right now.

We are not ending just yet. There are just too many good games that we are having problems limiting it to only 20.

12. InvadeR

This game feels like Space Invaders or Galaga for the iPhone. It is an old concept, but this shoot-me-up game is very challenging and addictive at the same time.


13. Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge

If you think that Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge is your run-of-the-mill racing game where you only have to race as fast as you could and avoid colliding into things, then think again. Think Blue gives you only a limited fuel, so you cannot just floor on the gas pedal. So you need to actually strategize while driving.


14. Hoggy

Hoggy is a side scrolling meets puzzle game. The moon men have kidnapped your girlfriend and the only way for you to save her is to get the fruits in 45 different worlds. Fill a jar with fruit, you get a key. Get the target number of keys and open the next area.


15. PicoPicoGames

If you cannot decide what type of game you want to play, then download PicoPicoGames, which is a collection of minigames. What’s more, these games have a NES feel. There are simply no Nintendo games available on iTunes, but this would help you get your fill of old-school video games.

Games included:

  • GunDiver
  • PicoPicoQuest
  • The Legend of PicoHero 3
  • Crystal Boy
  • Missile Panic
  • PicoPico Puzzle
  • PicoPico Race
  • The Legend of PicoHero
  • The Legend of PicoHero 2
  • The Tower of Shadow


iPhone users love downloading games because it allows them to relax or get rid of boredom. If you think your product, services or company could benefit from having an interesting game, we can help develop it for you.

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