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The Top 20 iPhone Games You Should Get and Play (Part 1)


Ah, the iPhone. More than letting you connect with friends and family, it is a great way to waste time when you need to forget about business and stress.

Angry Birds may have a lot of incarnations, but to be honest, it is getting a little bit old. So if you are looking for more games that you could play with your iPhone, then read on!

1. Sol Free Solitaire

Sol Free is a collection of games that are part of the paid Solebon games app, which includes classic solitaire, Baker’s Game, Klondike Deal 1, Demon, Yukon, Spiderette and an easy version of Baker’s Game. You will surely appreciate how the details come alive in a game of Solitaire, with easy to read cards, tap card movement, statistics and a few other features that make it very addictive.


2. Cube Runner

Using iPhone’s accelerometer, this is one of the best tilt games there is. The premise is simple, you tilt your iPhone left to right to avoid those cubes. What’s more, you can create your own tracks and download additional levels.


3. Dropship

Dropship is a game that is somewhat similar to the classic game Gravitar, where you navigate your ship against gravity, look for allies and fly through cave formations.

Get the game now for free, and it’s guaranteed to give your hours of fun.


4. Real Racing GTI

Although it is billed as a demo version of Real Racing 1, you can get three modes in this trial: time-based, cup championship and quick race. Very user-friendly controls, eye-catching and awesome graphics, great gameplay makes this free game one of the best racing apps on the iPhone!


There are just too many games apps made for the iPhone. Some are, admittedly, crap. But these four games should help you appreciate your iPhone as more than just a phone and more of a gaming console.

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