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The Sporting Club Introduces QR Code Instructional Videos For Machines At Health Center


I don’t know about the rest of you readers out there but buying furniture or anything else, for that matter, from a store like IKEA, is a highly stressful affair. Not because of the traffic jams, not because of the lack of parking space, not because of the long queues at the checkout counter, and not because of the sheer number of choices. The stress comes from not knowing how to put together the final product after having lugged the thing back home after doing all the stuff mentioned above and looking at the end-product all beautiful in the catalogue.

It would be amazing if IKEA had an instructional video or a QR Code that I can scan at home to learn about how to ‘easily’ put that book shelf together.

Well, if IKEA is not keen on taking up that idea, a health club right here in San Diego is most definitely looking forward to milking the technology for its money. The Sporting Club is the first fitness center to fully embrace the QR technology as far as the health club industry in America is concerned.

How is the fitness center using the QR Codes? Are they pushing the maximum potential of the technology?
The fitness center have come up with and printed the codes onto printed marketing material in order to promote a more fulfilling workout experience at the club. Because of the rising popularity of QR Codes and the further increase in the number of smartphone users in the market, the fitness center printed codes that lets health-conscious users view instructional videos at selected workout machines.

This means that when you see an interesting new machine in the gym but feel shy about asking the instructors there, you have the option of accessing the instructional video before attempting to use it.

On top of that, if the club members wishes to, they can connect and interact with the management of the Sporting Club directly too via online social media which are accessed with QR Codes.

Quick, Instant and Automatic
The most important thing about the instructional videos is that they need to be short so that members of the club who is interested in using the machine do not have to watch long, in-depth explanation while sitting there on the machine or on the bench. There are others who may want to use the machine too, you see.

Instant Promotion
Of course, the club did not miss the chance to promote its membership packages and promotions via QR Code. But the main point is that The Sporting Club has just upped one against its competitors and also showed its members that they are willing to personally interact with and listen to their end-consumers. THAT, is a powerful selling point.

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