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The Security Plug-Ins Every WordPress Site Should Have


BeQRious has already given you the basic things that you should remember and do if you want to secure your WordPress site. These are actually simple tips that you could do for every site that you have.

Another great thing about WordPress is that you are able to download and install plug-ins to your basic WP installation to help expand its functionality. In this installment, we go further with WordPress security and recommend security plug ins that help you keep your WordPress installation secure.

1. WordPress Security Scan

One of the biggest weaknesses of using WordPress is that it is open source. Just by knowing the version number of WordPress you are using helps any hacker to know what vulnerabilities are exploitable and can use these to get into your site. This is where WP Security Scan becomes helpful, it helps you hide your version number. More than this, it also scans your WP installation to see if there are vulnerabilities that you should correct and even suggest remedies for vulnerabilities found. You can have better passwords, file permissions, database security, admin security and other functionalities!

Install it now:


2. WP-DB-Backup

There are a lot of plug-ins that help you back up your WP files, but this one helps you do it easily. What’s more you have the option to have it send the backups to your e-mail, making it easily accessible.

Install it now:


3. Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown helps you keep track of any failed logins into your WordPress site, even recording the IP addresses used in these attempts. It also automatically blocks any IP address when the number of attempts exceed the number you set for it. Login Lockdown blocks IP addresses for an hour after three failed attempts as a default.

Install it now:


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