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The Secret To Building Successful, Long-lasting Businesses

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To commemorate the approaching weekend (yes, we get tired too over here at BeQRious), I would like to share something that I have just read in a blog post about how to integrate business and ideas that seemingly seem to pop out of nowhere, inside your head, during the most inappropriate and inconvenient moments.

The author was of the notion that successful brand names did not start out with the most astonishing ideas. In fact, the said businesses became successful because the ideas were NOT explosively awesome and cited some examples. Instagram was said to be a simple check-in app, much like FourSquare, which then evolved into something else so that it can differentiate itself from all the other check-in apps. Google was well and fine as a search engine, providing internet users with slightly better results compared to all the other search engines. In fact, it was also popularly known for a platform that it provided for people to get free stuff. Another example was Dell which was just ‘another’ computer manufacturer that stood out a little because they were slightly faster than the others.

As you can see, based on the cited examples, these successful corporations did not start out with an explosive idea. In case anyone is going to cite Facebook as an example, I would have to remind everyone here that before Facebook, there was Ryze, LinkedIn and the likes of Multiply which also lets people do, pretty much, the same thing. Just without the ‘like’ button. One last one…before Blogspot and WordPress, there was…what’s the name of that…right….Friendster.

What makes the business a solid one is the foundation, the ability to fulfill its customers’ or consumers’ needs and the people working behind it. It is absolutely essential that you have a strong relationship with the people behind the brand name. Many large businesses evolve and change their directions over time, so the winner of the pack will be the one that enjoys, endures and excels during such changes. Look at Apple and Microsoft…they have changed so many times over the years of being in business that I don’t think anyone is counting anymore.

The original idea is merely that…the original idea and if you can keep the basic principle (citing Twitter here because they have stubbornly refused to move in their principle that they are respectable in that way. Even then, Twitter is also now looking for ways to expand and monetize their business model) and change along with times, I am sure it will get you quite far. The only kind of businesses that will fail are those that refuse to concede to the consumers.

If business owners continue to deliberate the perfection of the idea, it will sit there in the brainstorming room forever. Get it out there, speak to people, share your ideas (because you need people in this and no idea is completely original, anyway), inspire others and get the move on.

So, that’s that. Let us know if you think differently, we would like to hear from you. Happy weekend, everyone!

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