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The Psychology of QR Codes, Final Part


In the previous two installments, we have talked about what makes people adopt a new technology such as QR codes. Also, a deeper look at what makes people scan a QR code or avoid it altogether.

Here are more tactics on how to have your target buyers scan your QR codes:

5. Freebies and Discounts. One of the best way to get them to click on your QR codes is to offer them a way to save money, be it by giving them something for free or giving hefty discounts!

6. Branding. When CK came out with a huge billboard depicting a QR code in New York, it capitalized on its image and brand to get people to scan their code. Having built up an image and reputation for racy and controversial ads, CK eschewed the almost naked models and replaced them with the blocky and unsexy QR codes. Yet, a lot of people, expecting a salacious ad or image, whipped out their mobile phones and decoded the QR code.

7. A definite call to action. As any marketing professor would tell you, a call to action is very important. It’s okay to say that “Product X is only $5″ but it’s much better to say “Buy Product X now for only $5!” QR codes are no different, more than clarifying what people should do with them, a good QR code campaign should use a good call to action.

Remember that creating the code and getting it printed and included on your marketing materials, brochures and Web site is only half of the challenge of creating a good QR code campaign. Freebies, a good call to action, exclusivity, among others, all work to help you persuade your target consumers to scan your QR code. But remember that you should be able to provide to them the best online experience they could get from you and your products.

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