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The Paypal On Your Phone


The world is all about on-the-go these days, so much so that everyone can now carry their wallet in their mobile phone. Sounds crazy? Nah…not when you know what QR Codes can do and what they are capable of.

Cardlesspay.com is just another company that just realized the importance of making the most out of the frantic lives that we, modern people, live these days. In short, Cardlesspay is a mobile payment system that helps you pay the bill in a restaurant by authorizing a payment with your cell phone. It eliminates the need to stand in line and repeat your credit card number multiple times to a sleepy sales people. It also eliminates the need to run to the ATM every time you need to pay for something. In fact, the system is so problem-proof that you can easily categorize your expenditure completely online and on your smart phone or android phone.

Recently, they announced a tie-up with online payment giant, Paypal. And it includes a QR Code, our favorite subject, for very obvious reasons. To make a payment with Paypal, you need your email address – that’s the way we know who to pay, you see. Traditional Paypal (if that is at all possible) is limited to making payments from anywhere in the world online. What this new QR Code incorporation brings is that with a QR Code, you can make online payments while being offline.

All you need is the QR Code and your smart phone.

Brilliant. The new product is actually called mWallet which is home to your credit card, your bank accounts and your PayPal account information. The said mWallet will contain all these information so that when you flash the QR Code, payment authorization can be done within seconds. With this system, you can keep stuff like receipts, coupons, tickets and even virtual membership cards too.

What more, it seems that when you use the Closeby Local Network, the mWallet can be loaded with cash-saving coupons too. So, with the mWallet, you flash the QR Codes in your android or smart phone, you save money when you buy stuff from places like…say, something like Walmart or Coffee Bean.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg – the QR Code can also be used as a form of digital ticket. You can check into events, functions, a movie, or even verifying validity of a guest for business event with the ticketing system. Well, that is typically the powerfulness of a QR Code, anyway, so why not make full use of it?

Is anyone game for mobile Paypal?

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