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The Oklahomaman Prints QR Code


The Oklahomaman is a news publication with a fierce ongoing mission to bring news about technology and new IT solutions via their newspaper. Recently, word was out that they were launching a QR Code campaign but it wasn’t accurate. What the newspaper is doing is incorporating QR Codes into their print copy. The QR Codes also appear on their web version, we are assuming.

Anyway, along with the articles, readers of The Oklahomaman newspaper will be able to scan the QR Codes and get access to further information or details.

For example, along with a review of an album, there will be a QR Code that leads to a page whereby the readers can listen to part of the songs or purchase the album right there and then or even listen to reviews from others who already own the album.

For those who are not familiar with QR Code technology, ‘QR’ stands for quick response. It is touted as the physical link to our online world. Basically, it is a link…virtually so, where it works more like the mouse on your personal computer. You click it and it leads you to a new link. With the QR Code, it works the same way. Once the QR Code is scanned with a smart phone, online information becomes available to your on the mobile phone.

What is unique about the QR Code is that instead of it appearing online on your computer screen, you get to carry and display the QR Code anywhere in the real world (as opposed to the online one).

So, this means that you can print a QR Code on your business card, t-shirt, mug, telephone, stickers, books, brochures, leaflets, etc.

The Oklahomaman’s big move is made with one intention and that is to bring information, FAST, to the readers because it is a reality that more and more people are on-the-go people. We, modern people, do not have a lot of time to waste and we can be irresponsibly impatient when information is not available as and when we want this.

Realizing that the core of their readers are tech-savvy, their move to print QR Codes along with their articles is a good move that will soon be adopted by many other print magazines and newspapers in the very near future.

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