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Chicago blogger-teacher, Scott Hagedorn, may not be the only one who have taught up the idea of using QR Code as a teaching method but it sure is great to hear someone else using it to make learning that much more interesting. As we all know it, today’s kids no longer think the way we used to when we were kids. They are so connected and used to having the internet that many parents are regarding the internet as a babysitter! Although I do not condone the usage of technology in that way, using the internet as a learning tool sure sounds like an amazing idea!

If you want to know more about how people are using QR Codes as a marketing tool, this article tells you of some really amazing ways to get and stay in touch with the people you are selling to. These quaint squares are links to the internet when they are scanned with a smartphone’s camera, with the help of an app called a QR Code reader.

Tech-savvy people like Hagedorn are bringing learning to a whole new level.

First of all, students get curious about the QR Code and teachers can ride on that to get children to be more attentive in class. Hagedorn placed some QR Code posters all around his classroom and getting his students to scan the codes. He is of the opinion that students can get to be more interactive and learn more about the visuals that surround them all year.

What would be really helpful is if the posters are changed, replaced to rotated everyday…or at the very least, rotated every week.

As it is, the teacher sees that there are at least a few tablets or iPads going their rounds in his classroom and it takes very little for him to give his students a little bit of encouragement to scan the code. Last year, he launched something called the ‘Vocabulary Word of the Day’ wall which helped student learn a new word every day. In my personal opinion, that is an amazing idea. Teachers can also get students to solve math quizzes, puzzles and other games as well.

To top it all off, modern students are not known for their patience as they are used to getting information instantly off the internet. Need to know something urgently, Wikipedia it is.

So, maybe using a technology to teach modern students is the new learning curve. Try creating your own QR Code with our free QR Code generator and see what it is for yourself.

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