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The Most Expensive QR Code Pendant


When we said that the creative and fashion industry has found a way to make QR Codes trendy and chic, we were totally serious. It’s funny that something that looked absolutely so boring could intrigue fashion designers, makers of perfume, artists, and creative people. Maybe it is BECAUSE it looks so boring that they decided that there is room to get more creative with it. Well, anyway, it is for better because otherwise, we would never get something as fascinatingly intriguing as this QR Code.

Bear in mind that the above QR Code is an actual one that works. If you have your phone with you, try scanning it. For those who don’t have, the QR Code resolves to Japanese site for something they call the ‘Possession Celebration’.

Piaget is a reputable luxury watch maker and QR Code is nothing foreign to them. But for them to spend more than 200 hours working on this pendant, mapping out the QR Code and laying down approximately 1,100 diamonds and black spinels to form this QR Code is virtually unheard of. Imagine wearing this pendant around. We’ll surely turn ourselves into an instant target for robbers. Anyway, only the rich and famous can get even a whiff out that pendant.

It is incredibly inspiring to see people like them spend so much time getting creative with QR Code. When we heard about the QR Code technology, we frankly thought of it as a geeky thing. Something that only computer experts or programmers or advertising experts could get into. As with everything else in life, nothing is easily predictable.

We surely hope to see more of such stuff in the future. Hopefully, from creative Americans.

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