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The Mergence Of The Tech And Green Communities


A flower show…almost always a non-attraction with tech lovers. However, things have taken a turn for the better during UK’s most prestigious horticultural show, the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show. A French garden design was awarded with the bronze medal for creative use of materials plus innovative implementations of sources and equipment.

The garden design was judged based on how imagination came together with conceptualization and resourcefulness; hence, it is indeed, an interesting twist for a flower slow.

The designers created the QR Code on a wall and used a simple theme to display the French garden. Visitors to the show can scan the QR Code with their smartphone with a QR Code reader. For your information, QR Code readers are available on literally every single platform right now and they are free of charge. What the QR Code does, for the aforementioned award-winning garden design, is take mobile phone users to a mobile-friendly site that tells them about the materials, flowers and plants used to create the winning designed. The site also recommends other alternative plants to use if they wanted to achieve similar results but faced the problem finding the right plants.

Granted, the garden design was conceptualized by Shelley Mosco and Jade Goto who are experienced landscape architects, it is still possible for people with green thumbs to achieve this.

The project was heralded and sponsored by Treebox which provides urban greening products and services and Scotscape which is a commercial landscaper, providing landscaping solutions for businesses. There were reports of QR Codes being displayed in a more conventional format – on flyers, brochures, leaflets and signs too throughout the venue of the show. The QR Codes all led to more information and guides that the organizers have placed on an online site.

Of course, the most prominent and famous one would be the plant-based QR Code which drew attention from plant-lovers but also tech- lovers. Frankly speaking, this is a new idea that seems to have merged both the environment-loving folks and tech savvy people of the internet and the idea of them sharing one platform is a fresh idea (if not unheard of) because tech savvy people couldn’t care less about having a green thumb.

Do you think it is going to convert more tech-crazy people into the urban greening community? Perhaps. Who knows.

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