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The Hunt Is On And It’s In NYC


Don’t you just love it when people make use of QR Codes and turn it into something fun and exciting? All of us love playing games on our cell phones, be it space invaders or something more funky and especially when we are stuck in a long queue or waiting for a friend who is late for an appointment.


Now, cell phone game addicts in NYC can have some fun AND win a Ford Fiesta!


There is going to be a location-based QR Code scavenger hunt on four locations around NYC. The game is set to begin on Dec 21, 2010 at 11a.m. So, if you are around the area and is game for some fun and stand the chance of winning a brand new Ford Fiesta, then schedule in this event.


The scavenger hunt, as reported will begin at a specific location but it is not known yet. If you wish to find out where the exact location is, tune in to @neatorama and @mental_floss. They’ll be tweeting the location out half an hour before the game begins.


At the starting location, gamers will need to first scan a QR Code to get the next clue…it’s a location. Hence, from one location to another, fun-loving participants will be on a frenetic race. A technological spin-off from The Amazing Race, we would say.


Monitors will be placed beside each QR Code to eliminate the possibility of cheating. Otherwise, naughty participants might find it ‘funny’ to destroy the QR Code so that others cannot access it. Good point there.


We wrote about a scavenger hunt of similar nature about a year back and are happy to see the game catching on over here in the United States.


The big prize is the car. But that isn’t the only thing being given away. Random prizes offered by sponsors is also up for grabs.


If you’re going for the hunt and is joining in on the hunt, please do let us have your feedback about how it went!

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