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The First Steps To Take Towards Using QR Code


Don’t be too fast to think that you can’t catch up with the crowd. Don’t be too hasty in dismissing yet another technology craze that you think is beyond you. You will never know how a simple technology in the mobile phone, consumerism and advertising industry can completely transform many things that you do in your daily life. Give it a chance. Have a go. Learn more about it and find out how it can truly transform your life – this is the message that advertisers, developers and users of QR Codes would like to tell Americans.

Businesses are now creating their own QR Codes and then printing them on business cards that they hand out. They see this as a very viral way of spreading a message. For instance, if you can scan and save the QR Code into your phone, you won’t lose any contact information if you misplaced the business card or dropped it in a cab on your way back to the office.

So, how and where do we begin?

First of all, you need a smart phone…something like a Blackberry or iPhone or some other brand of android phones widely available out there. And then you need a QR Code reader. If you are getting a new phone at the point of reading this article, remember to ask the sales people if the phone comes with a pre-installed QR Code reader. Because of the fact that QR Codes is getting more and more popular, phone manufacturers are starting to preload the software into the phones before putting them up for sale.

The next time you see a curious-looking square box like on a product packaging, business card, poster or an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, pull out the mobile phone and load the QR Code reader. Then point the camera at the QR Code and make sure that the picture that comes out is clear. The QR Code may not be read if the picture is blurred…that’s one of the problems with the current readers and phones that we have out there. But we are pretty sure the cell phone manufacturers are doing everything they can to improve the quality of the pictures that come out on our end.

The QR Code may lead you to a website, a blog, an online social networking site, a coupon, a ticket, a message or contact information. The QR Code system is so versatile that it is deemed to be the bridge or link between the online world and our real physical world. A link…quite literally.

So, now that you know how QR Code works, maybe it’s time to try it out and see how it can completely transform your life.

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